Living suburbs: Getting to Copenhagen

Organised by Ealing Council, URBED and the TEN Group
Sponsored by Berkeley First, Embassy of Denmark, JMP Consultants Ltd and Peter Brett Associates
Gehl Architects
Britain has long been the land of the railway and the car, with a deeply entrenched attitude that cycling is for either the poor or the fanatically fit. How much more liveable would London’s suburbs be if cycling were mainstream, as it is in Scandinavia and the Netherlands? In Copenhagen 36% of trips to work are now by bike compared to 5% in London. The modal shift in behaviour achieved by the city took 30 years. Copenhagen may be small but it is can teach us valuable lessons. If we are to turn London’s main roads into living streets, we have to change our attitudes to cycling.

In this free symposium a series of speakers, including Danish representatives, will share their experience with practitioners and policy makers in London and a number of workshops will compare approaches, and agree what action needs to be taken.  You will be receive an email from URBED regarding the available workshops after registering for the event.

The event is organised by Ealing Council along with URBED and the TEN Group with support from NLA. Ealing, “Queen of the suburbs” is already undertaking work to change behaviour among ordinary people and become more like a European city. URBED has many years experience aiding organisations in ‘looking and learning’ and has visited a number of European cities on tour. The symposium follows a TEN Group event ‘Learning from Scandinavia’ of October 2011 which showed how Copenhagen was transforming routes into the City. 

There will be plenty of bicycle parking provided by cycle hoop out the front of the Building Centre so please feel free to arrive on your bike.

Julian Bell, Leader, Ealing Council (Chair)

Ben Plowden, Director of Planning, TfL

Jeff Risom, Associate, Head of Institute, Gehl Architects

Niels TÝrslÝv, Head of Center for Traffik, City of Copenhagen

Nicholas Falk, Founding Director, URBED

Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA

Workshop leaders:

Ed Watson, Assistant Director Regeneration and Planning, Camden Council

Mark Ames, I Bike London

Rob Hickman, Senior Lecturer, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London

Ben Plowden, Director of Planning, TfL

Kathryn Firth, Chief of Design, London Legacy Development Corporation

Name to be confirmed, JMP Consultants Ltd

Speakers names confirmed at time of publication, but may be subject to change.