Aerotropolis - its relevance to London

Sponsored by AECOM
Leading US academic Dr John D. Kasarda will present his Aerotropolis concept - a new urban form emerging worldwide that is shaping the competitiveness of metropolitan regions and nations.

Airports have evolved as drivers of business location and urban development in the 21st century in the same way as highways did in the 20th century, railroads in the 19th century and seaports in the 18th century. As economies become increasingly globalised and dependent on electronic commerce, air commerce and the speed and agility it provides to the movement of people and goods has become its logistical backbone.

Dr Kasarda will discuss his ideas in the context of the current debate surrounding the expansion of London’s airport capacity.

John D. Kasarda is director of the Center for Air Commerce at the University of North Carolina,  Kenan Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School and co-author with Greg Lindsay of Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next.

Dr John D. Kasarda, Director, Center for Air Commerce at the University of North Carolina

Chris Choa, Principal, AECOM

Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA (Chair)

Speakers names confirmed at time of publication, but may be subject to change.