Bristol: Retrofit City
Queen Square, Bristol during Balloon Fiesta - Bristol City Council
What is civic sustainability? - How do we make our cities more durable, flexible and sociable? - What plans should be put in place to sustain the long term wellbeing and prosperity of our cities?

These are just a few of the questions explored in Bristol: Retrofit City. An independent exhibition, produced by an independent architecture gallery, in an independent city, with a newly elected independent mayor in past President of the RIBA, George Ferguson, curated and produced by The Architecture Centre, Bristol.
Celebrating Bristol’s legacy of creative re-use of buildings and places, Bristol: Retrofit City presents a range of retrofit interventions and innovative visions for the future of Bristol at all scales - from homes, streets, buildings, public spaces, neighbourhoods right up to the future for the city region, to encourage scrutiny, consultation and debate about plans for Bristol.