London’s Future Places – Imagine Communities in 50 years’ time
What do young people think London’s communities should be like in another 50 years? How can the dreams and experiences of young Londoners help inspire us to create the future places where people will want to live?

Youth groups throughout London and individual young residents of L&Q’s 70,000 homes were invited to contribute their art and designs as part of L&Q’s programme to celebrate its 50th anniversary year.

This exhibition presents the ideas that spoke most clearly to the judges, who were: Lisa Basu, Mentor for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust; Mike De’Ath, Partner, HTA Design LLB; Jerome Geoghegan, Development and Sales Director, L&Q; and Victoria Thornton, Founding Director, Open-City.

Work by architectural students on a future London neighbourhood which is already under construction is also featured, including drawings, plans and models created during their work experience with five of the capital’s leading architectural practices.

Free to enter, and on view until 10 May, the exhibition is supported by an NLA breakfast talk where some of the judges join a panel to explore “How Can We Involve People in the Places They Live In”.    

If you would like to attend the associated free NLA breakfast talk, co-hosted by L&Q, which will examine issues around community engagement for regeneration in London, please click here to register your attendance.