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AJ Small Projects 2009
Putting the brakes on bike theft
Digital Cities: London's Future
Westminster Academy at the Naim Dangoor Centre
London's Towns: Shaping the polycentric city
Young Architect of the Year Award
King's Cross charrette
Spans: Viaducts, bridges & walkways
Transforming Tottenham Court Road
London Festival of Architecture 2008
Des Res: London's housing challenge
Designing for London 2012: The Velopark
Underground: London's hidden infrastructure
Terry farrell: Manifesto for London
AJ Small Projects 2008
Competitions Work: Winning ideas from Europan and other design competitions
Waterfront London: Rediscovering the rivers and canals of the capital
The Regent's Place Pavilion
London's Learning
Specialist skills in designing buildings
The Desire Line
Green Works
YAYA 2007: Searching for the stars of the future
Away from Home - new hotels in London
On the urban designing of architecture
Sustainable Cities: Helping to shape and regenerate London
Place Faking: Instant heritage for the Thames Gateway
King's Cross charrette
Renaissance: the revitalisation of Elephant & Castle
Scratching the Surface: London facades by London architects
Offley Works
Docklands Revisited: A new heart for London's historic waterways
Shop - New retail space for London
My City Too!
Sustainable London
Zero Carbon design proposals for Gallions Park
Legible London
Drawing Water Challenge
Bloomsbury a vision for the future
Public City
London's Moving - how transport is changing
Architectural Shortcuts: In association with NBS / RIBA enterprises
Reinventing the bike shed 2: Designs on the cycling city
The Office - London's Workplace
YAYA: Young Architect of the Year Award 2006
Opening eyes, minds and doors:
In association with Open House
Turning the Tide: Regenerating London's Thames Gateway
King's Cross
Tall Storeys
100 Years of Innovation
Designed for Manufacture
The Great Estates
Prefabulous London: The A-Z of modern city homes
London Lights: The art of architectual lighting
Capital Health: London's new healthcare estate
Civilizing Spaces: Improving london's public realm
The Changing Face of London: How major new projects are shaping future London