BARGE: Breathing new life into Docklands

Thursday 28 May 2009

This morning, British Waterways in partnership with H20 Urban Ltd, announced the winners of a competition to remodel five historic Spits Barges, on display at NLA in a month-long exhibition

BARGE: Breathing new life into Docklands.

The winning practices were announced by Mark Bensted, London Director of British Waterways' and John Letherland London Director of Farrells as:

BACA – a design which demonstrates design flare and variety with considerable thought given to the three main areas of animation; the dockside, the urban space around the barges and the on-deck space.

PCKO - an innovative and adaptable design which creates a new urban realm and landmark space with the surrounding decking.

The Barges, a combination of Belgian Spits and French Peniches, started life as commercial boats, carrying their cargo along the waterways of mainland Europe, and were brought to South Quay, London Docklands, as part of a wider initiative to revitalise the waterspace in London's Docklands.

Submissions from shortlisted practices, Brid Carr Architecture and Amin Taha, will be displayed alongside the winners and other entrants as part of the month long exhibition, BARGE - breathing new life into Docklands, at NLA from Thursday 28 May to Saturday 27 June.

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