London's Natural Signatures

Friday 15 January 2010

In NLA’s first breakfast talk of the year, Alison Barnes from Natural England, and William Filmer-Sankey from Alan Baxter & Associates presented ‘London’s Natural Signatures’, a report which aims to reconnect Londoners with the underlying nature of the city and highlight the integrity of natural features to London’s local character.

The report specifies 22 distinct landscape types, including river valleys, floodplains, plateaus and valleys, which have had a significant impact on London’s development throughout history, and although often forgotten or ignored, have the potential to become powerfully symbolic in the future planning of London.

The talk was attended by a large audience of architects, planners, students and engineers, reflecting both the wide interest in the report and the potential impacts it could have on London’s development. To find out more about the report click here.

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