The Changing Face of Retail

Friday 12 March 2010

Two leading experts in retail trends and design spoke at an NLA breakfast talk on the changing face of retail this morning.

Nick Morris, founder of global trends service Canvas8, and Simon Threadkell, Creative Director of the London studio of Fitch, spoke about the impact of the recession on retail and design, new and innovative store concepts from London and abroad, and emerging retail technologies.

A decade of 'hard retailing' came to a dramatic halt with the onset of the recession and people now increasingly seem to be looking for handmade and homemade authenticity in an age of greater austerity. People are also becoming increasingly judicious, as better access to information allows us to make more informed decisions on value. Retailers are responding to this with stores that demonstrate personality, integrity and responsibility, such as Starbucks at 15th Avenue in Seattle, which places the store at the heart of the community with local artwork and message boards.

Technology is also becoming an increasingly important and integrated part of the retail experience, as online and physical retail brands converge, and the ‘third screen in our pockets’ revolutionises the way that we can receive information.

You can see the presentations by clicking here.

NLA's retail conference looking at 'Retail-led regeneration' is taking place on 31 March. Last few remaining spaces are still available to book online...

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