12 May 2014

Barking Town Centre is on the 'Up'

The successful regeneration of Barking Town Centre is winning more accolades, with news of two projects in the area being short-listed for prestigious awards.

25 Apr 2014

Dealing with the growth of tall buildings in London

Tall buildings can come to the aid of London’s acute housing shortage, but they are not the only solution.

15 Apr 2014

Living in Tall Buildings – what can we learn from the rest of the world? Global Teleprescence co-hosted by NLA, Social Life and Cisco

What kind of lessons can London learn from other cities in the world where living in tall buildings is more the norm?

9 Apr 2014

London 2050: What can we learn from Denver?

Boris Johnson faces an ‘uphill struggle’ in convincing London, the Davies Commission and the airports community over his vision for a new facility to the east of the capital, freeing up land for housing and jobs on the Heathrow site.

3 Apr 2014

London's Growing Up! Exhibition Private View

The way in which tall buildings relate to the ground plane is just as important as the silhouette they cast on London’s skyline.

3 Apr 2014

Farrell Review Industry Launch

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has pledged to do all he can to avoid the ‘disaster’ of the Farrell Review becoming just another report to be left on the government shelf. Instead he told an audience gathered at the NLA this morning for the review’s launch presentation that it is ‘just the beginning of a conversation’ and a platform which will be reassessed in a year’s time to see what progress has been made.

2 Apr 2014

NLA Chairman calls on Mayor Boris Johnson to create a London Skyline Commission

NLA Chairman, Peter Murray, has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to create a London Skyline Commission to control the quality of new tall buildings in the capital.