27 Jun 2014

NLA Showcase: Three Cultural Buildings

The architects behind three major London cultural projects which all aim to open up the work of their respective client institutions to the public were at the NLA this morning to give their insights on the schemes.

26 Jun 2014

Is London providing the higher education campuses that we need to compete globally?

The ability of London’s Higher Education establishments to compete on the world stage is being hampered by the capital’s housing crisis. But they can continue to draw the best students from around the globe if HE bodies concentrate on placemaking, creating a buzz and marketing the total picture of studying in such a diverse world city.

23 Jun 2014

Tottenham Court Road strategic visioning group

Crossrail will act as a ‘catalyst for change’ in the areas around Tottenham Court Road, but the aftermath of its transformation will require new funding mechanisms to emerge in order to maintain the rejuvenated public realm.

19 Jun 2014

Unlocking Public Sector Land

Much of London’s ripest land is already under development and solutions were put forward on how to unlock the hard-to-get-at remainder at the Unlocking Public Sector Land half-day conference at the NLA on June 18.

13 Jun 2014

New London Awards 2014 shortlist reflects London’s growth

Over 140 projects appear in this year’s shortlist for the New London Awards, released today by NLA – London’s Centre for the Built Environment.

4 Jun 2014

Brits abroad

What can London learn from tall buildings being delivered abroad from practices with offices in the capital?

3 Jun 2014

The Towers Debate: Does London need more tall buildings?

Audience members at Monday night’s towers debate who want to see more tall buildings in London won a narrow, straw-poll vote by around 60% to the 40% who felt the capital has enough of the phenomenon.

2 Jun 2014

Tall Buildings: How they get built

London presents its own unique challenges to those wanting to build tall. But the capital’s wealth of built environment talent is more than capable of providing the expertise required, responding with technical innovation and design flair.