30 Oct 2014

How do we deliver smarter districts for London?

Over the last six months, NLA have worked with research partners at UCL – the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) – to explore how smarter strategies can improve the way we design, plan for and manage London.

30 Oct 2014

Meeting of the New London Sounding Board

The latest meeting of the New London Sounding Board grappled with subjects as diverse as London’s relationship with the wider south-east; regeneration; and what was branded part of government’s strategy to ‘dismantle the planning system’ via permitted development rights.

28 Oct 2014

Construction industry response to London Infrastructure Plan 2050 consultation

London should adopt the approach it took to deliver the infrastructure for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 as it considers the housing, transport and energy challenges it faces arising from steep population growth.

17 Oct 2014

London's education estate - schools, colleges and universities in the capital

London’s education estate – the capital’s schools, colleges and universities – are taking steps to try and better integrate with the rest of the urban fabric, allowing the public in to share more of its facilities and expertise.

9 Oct 2014

Smarter London Exhibition Opening

Hundreds of architects, planners and smart technology boffins packed into New London Architecture (NLA) last night for the opening of a new exhibition exploring ‘Smarter London’.

8 Oct 2014

‘How are digital technologies shaping the capital?’ asks Smarter London exhibition at NLA

A free New London Architecture (NLA) exhibition exploring ‘Smarter London’ opens on Thursday 9.

6 Oct 2014

What do commercial occupiers want from the London market?

Office occupiers want flexible, attractive buildings that encourage workers to mix and enjoy a series of different working environments. But they are more fussed about what their building says about them in terms of placemaking and the live/work ‘blend’ than they are even about their wages.

3 Oct 2014

NY-LON Simultaneous Seminars #6 Smart Industries

London and New York are harnessing smart industries to drive growth in science, technology and research and underpin their respective pushes for global competitiveness. And designing to allow greater collaboration between companies and sectors appears to be one of the main thrusts in that drive, on both sides of the Atlantic.