22 May 2015

‘Superdensity’ schemes pose risk to London’s essential character

London risks becoming a victim of its own success, creating too many tall buildings at ‘hyperdense’ levels rather than mid-rise, street-based schemes that preserve the city’s essential character.

21 May 2015

NLA's interactive New London Model was officially launched last night with a party hosted by JLL.

Shadow infrastructure minister Lord Adonis branded the 1:2000 scale model a ‘remarkable map of London’s architecture’, commended the NLA team for what he felt was an ‘amazing construct’ that will draw thousands to see the city in a new way.

21 May 2015

A tale of two cycling cities

London and New York have much to learn from each other as they both get to grips with rapidly growing populations and more people than ever before affected by their respective cycling strategies. And while initiatives such as London’s mini-Hollands, cycle superhighways and quiet ways are important elements in a drive towards a safer cycling environment, legislative changes and political leadership are also powerful tools in creating a culture that is better for all road users.

20 May 2015

Improve public realm; enhance London

London has come a long way in recognizing the primacy of public realm to the city in the last 10 years but must raise its game to stave off the pressures of a population set to rise by a million more in the next 10.

15 May 2015

Lessons from abroad: Optimising development around London’s transport hubs - NLA Think Tank

What makes a successful mixed-use transport hub? That was the question wrestled with by a select group of professionals involved in the creation of transport hubs, surrounding development and facilities at a special NLA think tank session co-hosted by RTKL.

13 May 2015

Is West the new East?

West London is giving the east a real run for its money with billions of pounds worth of projects, an Opportunity Area Framework and a Development Corporation to pull as many strings for Old Oak Common together as it can. And just as HS1 and Stratford station were the catalysts for the Olympics and the east’s rise, the west is hoping that HS2 and Old Oak Common station will repeat the trick on the other side of town.