19 Oct 2015

More than a cluster: The future of City Road

Does everywhere in London have to be a ‘place’? Or are there some locations where the traffic movement function of a road can be left as one of, if not the most important element?

30 Sep 2015

Offices ‘seismic shift’ underway to attract talent

Office design is in the middle of a ‘sea change’ and ‘seismic shift’ as companies across the capital use architecture to try and win the battle for talent.

28 Sep 2015

Why I design

A group of designers gathered in London on Friday to describe why, exactly, they do what they do.

24 Sep 2015

Croydon gears up for ‘snowball effect’

Croydon is starting to reap the benefits of the kind of approach taken at Stratford and the Olympics with a series of residential, retail and commercial projects taking shape. And as London is faced with the prospect of a million more people by 2030, the area is busy creating the right infrastructure and facilities to cope, whilst maintaining its heart and focus as a liveable community. The result is a ‘snowballing effect’ as developers and investors witness real change happening on the ground.

21 Sep 2015

Peter Murray is named in the Progress 1000 London's most influential people 2015 - Architects

NLA chairman Peter Murray has been named as one of the capital’s most influential people.

17 Sep 2015

New breed of hotels embrace ‘experience’

New London hotels are upping the ante in the fight against threats to their takings from enterprises like Airbnb by concentrating less on mere bedrooms alone and more on events and public spaces that create an ‘experience’.

15 Sep 2015

100 shortlisted ideas announced!

From self-build communities to a mega-city near the M25 – New London Architecture unveils 100 ideas to solve the London housing crisis and provide a blueprint for 21st century city living