The City Centre celebrates inaugural Summer Academy

Tuesday 23 August 2016

New London Architecture Chairman Peter Murray with Summer Academy students

The City Centre launched a new offer for 14-19 year olds this July with the Summer Academy: Think, Design, Make, pioneered to inspire the next generation of Architects and Engineers.

This free opportunity for teenagers considering a career in the Built Environment was generously supported by BLP Insurance, and marks the start of a new programme of after school and holiday workshops, talks and tours for young people with a burgeoning passion for building design and construction. The City Centre aims to turn young people's initial interest in the property and development sector into a life-long career by nurturing their talents, expanding their knowledge and enhancing their skills.

The programme invited young people aged 14-19 yrs with an interest in art, architecture, engineering, construction or design, with 15 participants spending a week during the summer holidays working with architects, engineers, project managers and artists who showed them how to take their interests in exciting new directions.

The week was entirely free for students to attend. They learnt how buildings shape our city, our environment and our way of life through a range of hands-on practical activities, and got access to our 1:500 scale model of the square mile and the chance for tours of the city including new developments, workplaces and public spaces. They worked with Broadway Malyan, AHMM and the Landscape Institute among others.

Commenting on their support of the Summer Academy, Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy at BLP Insurance said: “Britain is facing the biggest construction industry skills shortage for a generation. It’s great to be supporting this initiative to showcase career opportunities in the industry and to inspire a next generation of urgently required building design and construction professionals.”

Feedback from participants was extremely positive with many expressing an interest in returning to the City Centre in the Autumn term.

“It’s given me a greater insight into what to expect in a career as an architect, planner or engineer and it has been a great chance to see behind the scenes in these industries”
- Zulakha Asif, Summer Academy Student



The City Centre is run by New London Architecture on behalf of the City of London Corporation.

The Summer Academy comes as part of The City Centre’s year-round Learning Programme which will expand to New London Architecture in 2017.

Full details of the NLA Learning Programme to be announced!


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