26 Feb 2016

Cut London’s 33 boroughs to 15 – Norris

The ‘undeclared’ competition between London boroughs is likely to intensify in the coming years as they are forced to embrace new funding regimes, with an ‘interesting’ impact on development in the capital.

25 Feb 2016

Developers told: ‘don’t kill London’s golden goose’

Developers and planners involved in the regeneration of the Royal Docks and Greenwich Peninsula must ensure they maintain high levels of quality design and avoid killing off London’s ‘golden goose’ – its rich layers of history and character.

19 Feb 2016

‘A London that works for older people is one that works for everybody’

‘A London that works for older people is one that works for everybody’. That is the key principle behind a new report on the challenges and opportunities represented by London’s ageing population, launched by joint author Hank Dittmar at NLA this morning.

17 Feb 2016

Mayoral candidates battle it out at the RIBA

Housing, the Green Belt and infrastructure were the hot topics at the RIBA last night as Mayoral candidates - or their representatives – gathered to present their views and take questions on built environment issues.

17 Feb 2016

WORK Roundtable

London’s future workplaces will need to be designed to win the race for younger talent, with higher densities allowing for other ‘workstyle’ facilities aimed at increasing staff wellbeing – but also their productivity.

16 Feb 2016

MDAG - The future of public realm

The next mayor must keep up the good work London has been doing in the name of public realm by forming a task force ‘with teeth’ to drive home its importance to the capital.

10 Feb 2016

‘Architecture is more than skin deep’

A group of select architects – and one engineer – gathered at Islington’s Business Design Centre last night to debate whether architecture is ‘more than skin deep’.

Image: Surface Design Show 2016, photographer Annabel Moeller.

9 Feb 2016

MDAG pushes for ‘Good Growth’ in London

The Mayor’s Design Advisory Group has delivered its long-awaited challenge to the next incumbent of City Hall via a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring London retains its essential qualities as it grows.

9 Feb 2016

Regeneration of town centres

London’s town centres should concentrate more on intensification, residential and becoming mixed use areas focused on ‘experience’ than retail alone.

4 Feb 2016

Boris Johnson - Streets Ahead!

They said it was going to be an informal visit, but all the top brass are there: Mike Brown Commissioner for TfL: Leon Daniels, MD for Surface Transport; Isobel Dedring, Deputy Mayor for Transport and Richard de Cani, Director of Strategy and Policy. All that’s missing is the limo.