The Mayor ’s Design Advisory Group announce key recommendations to address London’s rising population

Wednesday 20 January 2016

The Mayor’s Design Advisory Group have today announced the Good
Growth Agenda, a series of strategic papers examining how London can
address its rapid population rise through ‘good growth’. The papers and their recommendations will be launched throughout February at a series of public events, organised by New London Architecture.

London is growing and experts have predicted that there will be at least 10 million people living in the capital by 2030. Birth rates are on the up, Londoners are living longer and are requiring places in which to live that match their active lifestyles. At the same time, more people want to come here, stay here and work here than ever before. The capital has experienced periods of rapid population growth before, but this time, the majority of growth will be absorbed within the city’s boundaries. 

The impact on London’s physical form, transport and civic infrastructure including public space will be significant, and this will be a key issue for the next London Mayor to address. 

Over the last 12 months, members of the Mayor’s Design Advisory Group (MDAG), chaired by Daniel Moylan, have been developing the Good Growth Agenda, setting out far-reaching recommendations and guidance for City Hall, industry professionals and the next London Mayor, on how London can deliver a high-quality and socially inclusive environment through ‘good growth’. 

The first paper, Growing London, addresses the question of what shape a future London will take, where people are going to live, and how we can balance high densities with high quality design. Public London examines how London’s streets and public spaces can be designed, accommodated and delivered to support increasing pressures on movement and recreation. Ageing London examines how we can create a world-class city to grow old in, providing opportunities for increased entrepreneurship and creativity, as London’s residents live longer. The final paper Shaping London explores how the public sector can develop the skills and capacity to meet these challenges and deliver better places for Londoners. 

Daniel Moylan, chairman of MDAG said: “London’s population is growing by more than 100,000 people every year, the equivalent of a town the size of Bath. ‘Good Growth’ is therefore absolutely vital if we are to ensure that this unprecedented population boom can be accommodated sustainably and sensibly. The recommendations contained in these four reports will help to put exemplary design at the very heart of plans to expand London, helping to ensure that it remains one of the best cities in the world, to live and visit.” 

Pat Brown, deputy chair of MDAG said: “With London growing at an unprecedented rate, we must be ever more mindful of how we create the necessary workspaces, homes, schools and other social infrastructure for many more Londoners, yet without undermining the quality of life for existing communities. The Good Growth Agenda is an important contribution to help articulate and guide how we can enable the capital to grow, and still feel proud of the city we are shaping.” 

Peter Murray, member of MDAG, and chairman of New London Architecture said: “As a result of London’s current growth, we have to make better use of the land we have available, we must develop more densely, and we need to do so within the context of the existing urban fabric. The Good Growth Agenda highlights the key design issues that must be addressed if we are not to emulate the rookeries of the Victorians, the sprawl of the 30s or the monocultural estates of the post war era. They deliver analysis and recommendations on key elements of development which will assist decision-makers to generate quality growth for the London of the future.” 

The full content of these recommendations will be presented and discussed at New London Architecture in The Building Centre on Tottenham Court Road, at a series of breakfast talks on the following dates:

‘Growing London’, 08:30-09:30 Friday 5 February
Download the Growing London' report here 

‘Public London’, 08:30-09:30 Friday 12 February 

‘Ageing London’, 08:30-09:30 Friday 19 February 

‘Shaping London’, 08:30-09:30 Friday 26 February 

All the papers will be made available via: 

Download the press release here.

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