Bringing People Together

Monday 27 June 2016

In a period when uncertainty is the only certainty, information is king.

Following the shock result of the Referendum we are assessing the NLA’s role in assisting all those involved in designing and delivering London’s built environment in both managing their businesses and ensuring that we continue to create a sustainable and vibrant city.

What will be the immediate impact on businesses? On involvement with projects in Europe? On European staffing? On the relocation of the financial sector? Or the longer term impact of the removal of EU standards relating to pollution and climate change?

London’s growth projections will have to be re-evaluated - what will that mean for the demand for new infrastructure? For housing and jobs?
It is NLA’s role to inform Londoners about market conditions, about change, about opportunities and about solutions - we have done so successfully over the last decade but in far less challenging circumstances than those in which we find ourselves today.
With members across the private and public sector we can bring people together to discuss how we can all collaborate to help deliver the development and integrated community that London needs if it is to remain a key global city. 
So in the coming weeks we intend to ramp up our discussion of key issues affecting the private sector, professionals as well as public authorities. We will be bringing together the sort of expert panels we have delivered at key economic forums like MIPIM and the London Real Estate Forum as well as in our own Store Street and on location events to respond to changing conditions.
At the core of this emergency programme is the NLA Sounding Board, chaired by Argent’s Robert Evans and including key experts such as Bob Allies, Partner, Allies and Morrison, Yolande Barnes, Director, World Research, Savills, Carolyn Dwyer, Director of Built Environment, City of London Corporation, Digby Flower, Head of London Markets, Cushman & Wakefield, Tony Travers, Director, LSE London, Marc Vlessing, CEO, Pocket, Ed Watson, Executive Director, Growth, Planning and Housing, City of Westminster, Michele Dix, Managing Director, Crossrail 2, Sue Foster, Executive Director, Housing, Regeneration and Environment, LB Lambeth, Stewart Murray, Assistant Director, Planning, Greater London Authority, Ben Derbyshire, Chair, HTA Design LLP, Sarah Cary, Head of Sustainable Places, British Land.
We will keep you up-to-date with more details about how we can use the web, social media as well as physical meetings and seminars to circulate vital information about this fast changing situation.
Peter Murray                           Nick McKeogh
Chairman                                Chief Executive


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