LREF Day One - what they said

Tuesday 14 June 2016

It was a lively first day at this year’s LREF in Berkeley Square, the NLA-organised property event described by Cllr Robert Davis at last night’s opening party as the industry’s very own Glastonbury.

Audiences packed out the seminar rooms to hear expert panels discuss topics that ranged from the EU referendum – where a majority of delegates indicated they were both bored of and scared by Brexit - to similarities between New York and London, Crossrail 2 and Placemaking and the Public Realm.


The following are some of the best soundbites and facts from the show so far:

‘The question is, why put it all at risk?’ - Argent Related’s David Partridge (on Brexit)

‘It looks close, London is on the front line. Are there reasons to be scared? Probably there are’ - FT’s Chris Giles

‘Red is the colour of the vote leave campaign; it’s also the colour of danger’ the FT’s Chris Giles

’It’s a housing scheme with a railway thrown in’ - LCCI’s Colin Stanbridge on Crossrail 2

’It’s a network-wide reliever, Crossrail 2’ - Michele Dix

‘We need a strategic look at Green Belt, not only in Enfield but all the way up to Cambridge’ - Enfield’s Tony Pierce

‘The tech industry really likes democracy – inclusive public realm that is available to anybody’ - C&W’s Juliette Morgan

‘The reason we’re so interested in the public realm is because it makes financial sense’ - First Base’s Elliot Lipton

‘The West End is a world-class centre; it is not a world-class environment’ - Selfridges’ Sue West

‘If you ask people to live compact, you have to design spaces where they can congregate’ - Pocket’s Marc Vlessing

‘People are spending longer in their working day, not necessarily in their offices’ - Brookfield’s Martin Wallace

‘On a Friday it looks like a Facebook. On a Monday or a Tuesday it looks more like a LinkedIn’ - Patrick Nelson on WeWork

‘The real estate is actually almost like a gateway; a small but very important piece’ - WeWork’s Patrick Nelson

It’s important to think of public realm as not just outdoor but indoor ones too - Eleanor Fawcett

‘The tech industry really likes democracy – inclusive public realm that is available to anybody’ - C&W’s Juliette Morgan

Central St Giles’ foyer is a little-known public space; we aren’t as good as NY at signifying what is public realm - Pat Brown

‘You make your value by how you invigorate the ground floor level’ - Brookfield’s Martin Jepson

Crossrail 2 will help deliver 200,000 new homes and reap £5bn in stamp duty for govt - Michele Dix 


By David Taylor, Editor, NLQ

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