LREF Day Two – what they said

Wednesday 15 June 2016

The second and final day of this year’s LREF was another packed out affair, with topics under discussion ranging from the London economy to priorities for Sadiq Khan and his new deputy mayor James Murray, PRS and the latest moves to try and avert the housing crisis more generally.

But the spectre of Brexit was never far away with the crucial vote for Europe, property and London now just over a week away.


Here, as with yesterday’s report, are some of the day’s best soundbites and facts from the show.

‘Of all the taxes paid in London, the proportion London’s government controls is, well, nil actually’ - Tony Travers

Crisis point: Deloitte has had to start arranging housing for its younger staff, says the firm’s Angus Knowles-Cutler

‘The biggest challenge is the skills shortage that we never talk about’ - Tony Pidgeley on the ‘delivery crisis’ facing housing

‘This is not Thatcher’s Britain. We have Millennials who are quite happy to rent’ - Grosvenor’s Simon Harding Roots

‘Density is not the devil. We really need to grapple with this’ - Grosvenor’s Simon Harding Roots

Renters need schemes to be a great place ‘from day one’ where buyers are more relaxed about longer term growth  - Argent’s Robert Evans

‘Flexibility and innovation are what we are looking for across the piece’ - Lambeth’s leader Lib Peck on the new mayoralty

Lambeth leader Cllr Lib Peck says commercial to residential ‘is not working’

‘Boris stood up to errant local authorities; it’s critical that Sadiq does the same thing’ – Exemplar’s Dan Van Gelder

‘I don’t think London’s current envelope can solve its housing problems’ - JLL’s Jon Neale

‘A real focus & drive for me has been to talk to everyone who has a role in building homes for Londoners’ - deputy mayor James Murray

‘I’ve tried that citizens test online …and I ain’t cutting it’ - GLA’s (Irish) Fiona Fletcher-Smith on Brexit

‘London is becoming the front office of the UK economy, & the middle & back office is being shifted elsewhere’ – Deloitte’s Angus Knowles-Cutler

’65% of primary school kids today will be in jobs that don’t even exist yet’ - Land Securities’ Marcus Geddes

‘I do think the public half wants more development but half doesn’t’ - Tony Travers

‘Permitted development rights means we are losing offices in an unplanned way’ - GLA’s Fiona Fletcher-Smith

‘London is very large and powerful, but, weirdly, doesn’t control its own destiny’ - Tony Travers

London growing quicker than NY in high skills employment. ‘It’s in a league of its own’ - Deloitte UK’s Angus Knowles-Cutler

‘The challenge we have is to pull together the link between transport infrastructure and growth’ - Land Securities’ Marcus Geddes

‘We need international connectivity and we keep stalling and stalling on airport capacity’ Volterra’s Ellie Evans

TfL’s Graeme Craig says it will be bringing forward sites at a rate of one a month & in 4 years will have started on 10,000 homes

‘I’d give a huge spanking to the utility companies, particularly BT’ - Dan Van Gelder, Exemplar on what he’d do if he was mayor

‘We own 2000 units on our housing estates outside the City & have worked out we can put 700 more units on those estates’ Mark Boleat

Renters need schemes to be a great place ‘from day 1’ where buyers are more relaxed about longer term growth  - Argent’s Robert Evans

TfL’s Graeme Craig says focus groups revealed a ‘toxic hatred’ of the term ‘affordable’. ‘They don’t know what it means’.

‘The message I want you to leave with is: we’re here to work with you’ - deputy mayor James Murray 

By David Taylor, Editor, NLQ

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