11 Mar 2016

Don't Move, Improve! winners' breakfast talk round-up

The winners of the Don’t Move, Improve! competition gathered at the NLA last week to show off how their schemes fulfilled the visions of both their clients and the architects themselves.

9 Mar 2016

119 more tall buildings planned for London

An additional 119 new tall buildings have been planned for London since this time last year, taking the total number in the pipeline to 436. But the bar must be raised on their quality if the slums of the future are to be avoided, and the next mayor must commission a 3D model to improve communication with the public on the subject.

9 Mar 2016

Survey reveals more tall buildings planned for London

A new report released today reveals there are an additional 119 new tall buildings planned for London since this time last year. This takes the total number of tall buildings in the pipeline to 436. The research, which is updated annually, is published by New London Architecture (NLA) and GLHearn (part of Capita Real Estate) and includes buildings of 20 floors and over.

2 Mar 2016

What's going on across London? Guest Editor, London Architecture Diary - Jude Kelly

Powerful and majestic, the four chimneys of Battersea Power Station have dominated the Chelsea river and skyline for all the years I've known London. Suddenly I look up and three of them are missing.

1 Mar 2016

Who should pay for London’s roads?

London needs to grasp the nettle of road charging to avoid a gridlocked capital city in future decades. But to get there it must develop a narrative with ‘carrots’ as well as ‘sticks’ to convince all road ‘users’ of its worth.

1 Mar 2016

MDAG proposes new London Place Agency

The Mayor’s Design Advisory Group is hoping it can help raise the quality of planning in the capital by plugging a skills gap through a new London Place Agency.

26 Feb 2016

Cut London’s 33 boroughs to 15 – Norris

The ‘undeclared’ competition between London boroughs is likely to intensify in the coming years as they are forced to embrace new funding regimes, with an ‘interesting’ impact on development in the capital.

25 Feb 2016

Developers told: ‘don’t kill London’s golden goose’

Developers and planners involved in the regeneration of the Royal Docks and Greenwich Peninsula must ensure they maintain high levels of quality design and avoid killing off London’s ‘golden goose’ – its rich layers of history and character.

19 Feb 2016

‘A London that works for older people is one that works for everybody’

‘A London that works for older people is one that works for everybody’. That is the key principle behind a new report on the challenges and opportunities represented by London’s ageing population, launched by joint author Hank Dittmar at NLA this morning.

17 Feb 2016

Mayoral candidates battle it out at the RIBA

Housing, the Green Belt and infrastructure were the hot topics at the RIBA last night as Mayoral candidates - or their representatives – gathered to present their views and take questions on built environment issues.