19 Oct 2018

Next! Speed mentoring for the next generation

‘You should find the problem, present the options and create the solution. It’s better to aim high and occasionally fail, than to succeed all the time.’

17 Oct 2018

MIPIM UK day one

The spectre of Brexit hung over large parts of the conference programme on the first day of this year’s MIPIM UK at Olympia.

13 Oct 2018

Modular mindsets - adapt or die, architects warned

The architecture profession needs to lead a switch to adopting a ‘modular mindset’ or risk being led, and pushed to the periphery of construction.

10 Oct 2018

Press Release – New thinking needed if modular construction is to increase London’s housing delivery

Research by New London Architecture (NLA) calls for a ‘Modular Mindset’ to revolutionise the way housing is planned, procured, designed and built to accelerate the delivery of high-quality, affordable and sustainable homes for London’s citizens, now and in the future.

10 Oct 2018

‘Prefabs’ set to make a comeback

It is time to reintroduce the word ‘prefab’ into the public lexicon, said NLA chairman Peter Murray at the opening of Factory-made Housing: a solution for London?, last night.

9 Oct 2018

Lara Kinneir appointed as NLA Acting Director

New London Architecture are delighted to announce the appointment of Lara Kinneir, initially in the capacity as Acting Director, and then to lead the growing body of work covering public policy, political and community engagement and co-production.

8 Oct 2018

Generation Pop-Up

This September, New London Architecture and The City Centre collaborated with Broadgate, London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhood, to challenge London school students to design an art structure to tackle loneliness in their city.

2 Oct 2018

Sculpting the void – Michel Mossessian Spiritland Talk

Architect Michel Mossessian took an audience of fellow architects and friends on a deep and sometimes philosophical musical journey to demonstrate the connections he feels exist between creating space and music – or what he called ‘sculpting the void’.

28 Sep 2018

Culture ‘crucial’ for post-Brexit economy

London’s strength as a ‘global cultural powerhouse’ will prove to be a key part of its economic armoury in a post-Brexit world. But it must strive to preserve its fast-dwindling spaces for artists, create ‘holistic’ plans that integrate cultural facilities in a seamless way, and effectively measure the benefits that such facilities bring to their wider environments.

24 Sep 2018

Data driving smart planning for cities

Advances in digital can help reduce the ‘silo’ nature of the built environment sector and make the planning process more open and accessible for members of the public.