28 Sep 2018

Culture ‘crucial’ for post-Brexit economy

London’s strength as a ‘global cultural powerhouse’ will prove to be a key part of its economic armoury in a post-Brexit world. But it must strive to preserve its fast-dwindling spaces for artists, create ‘holistic’ plans that integrate cultural facilities in a seamless way, and effectively measure the benefits that such facilities bring to their wider environments.

24 Sep 2018

Data driving smart planning for cities

Advances in digital can help reduce the ‘silo’ nature of the built environment sector and make the planning process more open and accessible for members of the public.

20 Sep 2018

City to face post-Brexit future with public realm and transport improvements

The City of London is confident it can remain a world-class attraction for a new, wider mix of businesses whatever Brexit throws at it, bolstered by a major commitment to improving public realm and transport infrastructure across the Square Mile.

18 Sep 2018

Being boundless – art in the city

A clutch of some of the world’s leading artists gathered at NLA to demonstrate how their work and collaboration with other members of the built environment professions can help to engage the public and help animate and revitalise the city.

18 Sep 2018

NLA Study Tour - London Bridge Station

As the Overall Winner, Sustainability Prize winner and Transport category winner in the New London Awards 2018, London Bridge Station has been under the spotlight this year. On 12 September a group of NLA Members were given an exclusive tour to find out exactly why…

12 Sep 2018

Getting stuff done – Sadie Morgan Spiritland Talk

It is a ‘disgrace’ that architects and designers are involved in perhaps only 5% of the £200 billion worth of the UK’s current round of infrastructure projects. It’s a disgrace for the profession, for society, and a disgrace too that politicians and procurers do not take design seriously enough.

10 Sep 2018

Government acts on ‘Constitutional London’

Government is working hard to improve the setting, security and accessibility of ‘Constitutional London’ – the iconic parts of Westminster known to visitors across the world.

4 Sep 2018

NLA Study Tour: Brompton Bicycle

Following the annual Active Travel Summit, our new series of NLA Study Tours explored the home of London’s iconic Brompton Bicycle in Greenford.