27 Sep 2016

NextGen Speed Mentoring

Inspiration, words of wisdom, and a wealth of experience filled the NLA galleries last night as we hosted our first ever Speed Mentoring event as part of the NextGen Programme.

23 Sep 2016

Crossrail already transforming the outer boroughs

Crossrail was hailed as both the best infrastructure project the UK has ever produced and a catalyst for development which is already transforming outer London at an NLA conference on the subject this morning. But the process by which the stations are procured must improve further to allow architects to be free to flex their creative muscles and produce schemes which are places as well as stations.

23 Sep 2016

Stop viewing estate regeneration as asset management, councils told

Local authorities involved in regenerating London’s ageing housing estates must avoid seeing the process as ‘asset management’ and instead adopt sensitive and honest engagement with affected communities.

14 Sep 2016

NLA gets Quizzical for a good cause

Maggie’s has been on our radar for a long time now. When I first moved to London to start a new job at NLA five years ago, I knew little about architecture and development, let alone the capital.

9 Sep 2016

Tech City 'must not kill the goose that laid the golden eggs'

Old Street and Shoreditch must avoid killing the goose that laid the golden egg as it seeks to balance growth with the retention of the tech companies that have made it what it is today.

23 Aug 2016

The City Centre celebrates inaugural Summer Academy

The City Centre launched a new offer for 14-19 year olds this July with the Summer Academy: Think, Design, Make, pioneered to inspire the next generation of Architects and Engineers.

16 Aug 2016

Back-to-back come back

Speaking at the NLA recently, Peter Barber, overall winner of the New London Awards presented his McGrath Road project in Newham which relies the idea of back-to-back housing, a form of housing that was outlawed in the 1909 Housing Act.

15 Aug 2016

A sense of place

What does ‘placemaking’ actually mean? And how can London do it better? A Think Tank organised by NLA last month sought to find out.

12 Aug 2016

Smithfield will be new ‘centre of the City’

The team behind the competition-winning scheme to create a new home for the Museum of London was at the NLA this morning to talk through the project and help reposition West Smithfield as the new centre of the City of London.

9 Aug 2016

Brexit and Beyond - NLA Sounding Board update

Brexit, we are told, means Brexit. But how should London’s built environment industry respond? How can it remain, in mayor Sadiq Khan’s words, Open for Business? And how can it pull together to deliver the development and integrated community that the capital needs?