Barbara Cooper

Corporate Director of Growth, Environment and Transport

Kent County Council

Barbara’s post includes both the strategic and the operational, ranging from the corporate running of the authority as well as responsibility for the performance of our front line services.  The services include economic development, highways, waste, planning, environment, community safety, trading standards, arts and sports. Her priorities include ensuring that local and national partners share Kent’s aspirations and understand their challenges; developing positive relationships with local businesses and developers; working on unlocking growth in both jobs and homes across Kent but particularly in the Thames Gateway, Ashford and coastal East Kent.  

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Shaping growth across the South East


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Shaping growth across the South East


London needs a new version of the Abercrombie Plan to reap the advantages of the capital within a wider South East but ‘doesn’t stand a chance in hell’ of meeting its housing targets if it doesn’t look beyond its boundaries.