Mike Edwards

UCL Teaching Fellow

The Bartlett School of Planning

Michael Edwards started in economics and studied planning at University College London. He then worked in Nathaniel Lichfield’s practice, doing most of the economic inputs to the Plan for Milton Keynes and learning the joys and hazards of working in a multidisciplinary team. He became a lecturer at UCL’s Bartlett School in 1969, where he has enjoyed working ever since. He blogs at michaeledwards.org.uk and works with the Just Space network of community groups to try and influence plans in London.

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Shaping growth across the South East


According to ONS figures brought out in May 2014, London and the South East’s populations are predicted to grow by 13% and 8% respectively over the period to 2022, in comparison to a projected growth for England of 7%.


Shaping growth across the South East


London needs a new version of the Abercrombie Plan to reap the advantages of the capital within a wider South East but ‘doesn’t stand a chance in hell’ of meeting its housing targets if it doesn’t look beyond its boundaries.