Matthew Goulcher

Managing Director

Levitt Bernstein

Matthew Goulcher has been Managing Director of Levitt Bernstein since 1997.

He has extensive experience in the residential sector and is also involved in housing research, relating to space and quality standards, developing design guidance for government, local government and housing associations. He contributed to the HAPPI report on the future of housing for older people.

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Superdensity - the Sequel: Designing high density housing and sustainable places


London’s population has recently passed its pre-war peak in 1939 of 8.6 million, with projections of 10 million people or higher by 2030. Yet the capital’s success in attracting people as well as economic growth creates a serious challenge for the provision of additional homes and infrastructure, resulting in significant pressure to densify. How can we meet people’s needs, while creating popular and lasting places rooted in our city’s distinctive urban traditions?


‘Superdensity’ schemes pose risk to London’s essential character


London risks becoming a victim of its own success, creating too many tall buildings at ‘hyperdense’ levels rather than mid-rise, street-based schemes that preserve the city’s essential character.