Red Brick Estate

New Southgate has been identified as one of Enfield Council’s priority areas for regeneration. Within New Southgate, the Red Brick Estate has been highlighted in the Take the High Road scheme as one of the areas which would benefit from both street and landscape improvements.

In some areas of the Red Brick Estate, the present layout and environmental design create conditions for anti-social behaviour. The improvements proposed will help to improve the public realm and the overall image of the estate which will help to reduce anti-social behaviour.

The Council has worked with the local community to identify the key areas which would benefit from improvement. The improvements include:

• Removing or lowering high walls in alleyways which can feel intimidating.
• Blocking certain alleyway routes which create poor views around corners.
• Use railings to replace particular walls which will be less intimidating to residents and increase visibility on the estate.
• Raise the canopies to increase light and provide a feeling of openness.
• Installing lockable gates to some alleyways for private use by residents of properties to reduce the network of alleyways.

Key information:

Borough: Enfield
Postcode: N11
Status: Recently completed
Completed: March 2011


Development team:

Boroughs: London Borough of Enfield