Never Mind the Bollards: What are the major issues affecting the design of street and public spaces today?

Friday 26 June 2015


Store Street South Crescent, just outside of The Building Centre

Free to attend, no registration needed Go!

Bring your lunch, debate and heckle our public space experts – each of whom has been given 15 minutes to talk about the history and design London's public spaces.

The following speakers will talk about different issues that affect the design and use of London’s public spaces and streets.  How do we make them more inclusive, distinctive and work harder for all?

Jack Skillen, London Director of the charity Living Streets, will talk about the issues affecting pedestrians using London’s streets.

Deborah Persaud, a Guide Dog owner and cane user for 5 years and Londoner for nearly 50, will share her experiences of navigating London’s street and public spaces

Tim Long from the Department of the Built Environment in the City of London will talk about the need to create public space equality, at a time when then are many conflicting users of public space.

Dr Kim Kullman Sociology Researcher Goldsmiths University of London will talk about the biggest users of public space who have the smallest voice in decision making  - children. 

Never Mind the Bollards, curated by public realm expert Sarah Gaventa, explores the design history and potential future of London’s public realm.

Store Street South Crescent, like most old public spaces, contains a range of jetsam and flotsam of street furniture and other elements - bollards that are now superfluous but remain like grave markers, a patchwork of surfaces, manhole covers and blister paving, historic cobbles, telephone boxes, signs and magnificent Plane trees.

This NLA installation complements the current exhibition Public London, for more information on the supporting programme of events please click here

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