Light up Store Street - A night time street party with a twist!

Friday 23 October 2015

18:30 - 21:30

Free events taking place along Store Street, WC1E

For one night only Store Street was transformed into an artistic showcase of fire and light. Local artists and pyrotechnic experts, pa-BOOM gathered on the street alongside creative displays of fire and water fountains, hanging drops of light, a mini fire-lit bandstand and a new copper fire structure, made by Bloomsbury residents with pa-BOOM

There were music performances, street food and mulled wine for the public to enjoy. The Building Centre and NLA Galleries together with local businesses and cafes were open for the party.

Throught the evening on Friday NLA’s 1:2000 scale interactive model of central London brought to life the story of London’s historical and physical development through a sophisticated lighting and projection system integrated with films.

The People's Portrait Project was also be situated in the galleries offering free portraits to the public from 18:30. 

Light up store street was free to attend no registration is essential. For more details click here.

Light up Store Street finished at 21:30.

Bloomsbury Festival is a creative explosion of performance, arts, music and heritage events held in the streets, parks, museums, galleries, laboratories and public and private buildings. The festival celebrates the best of Bloomsbury, attracting around 50,000 visitors a year.

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