NLA Annual Lecture 2016 – Assemble

Thursday 30 June 2016

18:30 - 20:00

IET London: 2 Savoy Pl, London WC2R 0BL

2015 Turner Prize winners Assemble, a collective based in London who work across the fields of art, architecture and design, will give the NLA Annual Lecture in 2016.

Assemble began working together in 2010 and are comprised of 18 members. Assemble’s working practice seeks to address the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which places are made. Assemble champion a working practice that is interdependent and collaborative, seeking to actively involve the public as both participant and collaborator in the on-going realization of the work.

Paloma Strelitz and James Binning from the studio will talk about Assemble’s work, with a focus on London. They will discuss past projects including The Cineroleum, Folly for a Flyover, Blackhorse Workshop and Yardhouse, as well as thoughts around live and upcoming projects.


The NLA Annual Lecture this year is also the Keynote lecture of the London Festival of Architecture - a month-long celebration of architectural experimentation, thinking and practice, which this year focuses on the theme ‘Community’.
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London Festival of Architecture runs from 1 – 30 June.

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