Friday 14 August – Thursday 17 September 2015

Celebrating this year's NLA / RCA Student Prize for Architecture, this exhibition presents five future glimpses of design in London.

The slow and disjointed development of the city is being increasingly challenged by the speed and wildness of the internet. With the digital world maturing into an ever-more beguiling force, how will the built environment respond? 
Here are five possible answers for London. In Mayfair, the Grosvenor Estate employs the sharing economy, as Google introduces open-source residential development in Abbey Wood, and Vauxhall experiments with Minecraft-like community construction. Elsewhere, Crossrail becomes a continuous retail opportunity of emotion, while data-driven niche workspaces create a new metropolitan platform. 
As technological possibilities are integrated into existing urban systems, the digital and the physical emerge as one. Creative content is the capital of the future.
Displaying projects by this year's winning students:
Guy Rochez
Edy Fung
Thomas Glover
Joseph Dejardin
Thomas Leahy
They join past NLA/RCA Prize winners: Andy Matthews and Shoichi Sado (2014); Sam Aitkenhead, Astrid Bois D'Enghien and Alexander Turner (2013); Emma Emerson, Christopher Green and Simon Moxey (2012); Craig Allen, Robert Ware, Marie Kojzar and James Christian (2011); Stuart Evans (2010); Ian Douglas Jones (2009); Jonathan Pugh (2008) and Finn Williams (2007).

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NLA / RCA Student Prize 2014


These two projects consider distinctive (or characteristic) communities’ habitation in, and relationships to, London and outer London. Both are final year projects by Royal College of Art architecture graduates and were selected as winners of this year’s NLA / RCA Student Prize for Architecture.