HLM – A Place to Live

Friday 20 November – Wednesday 13 January 2016

NLA, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

The exhibition explores how HLM tackles the problems associated with urbanisation and the innovative approaches it adopts to create high quality places to live for all scales of need.

With over 2,000 new homes in construction or completed over the last five years we have had the opportunity to collaborate with some leading figures in the industry, designing award-winning pieces of urban fabric that truly capture the idea of ‘place,’ whatever size and scale it may be.
The exhibition is based on our concept ‘Room to Grow’, the HLM competition entry that was shortlisted in the NLA New Ideas for Housing competition in September. The ‘Room to Grow’ concept addresses the issue of today’s changing housing needs, to create interchangeable flexible housing types that can expand and contract over time to suit the requirements of the user. The ‘Place to Live’ studio is 19sqm at its most contracted state, which poses the question, ‘how small can a place be?’ While the studio may suit a young professional or a student, for example, it also creates the opportunity to expand next door when that extra space is needed.

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