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See answers to the most common questions about submitting to the New London Awards.

Why enter in the awards? Toggle

  • From community-led to large-scale developments, the New London Awards recognise the highest architectural and design quality that demonstrate significant improvements to neighbourhoods, places and life in the capital. 
  • Winning and shortlisted projects will feature in a 3 month exhibition in Central London and a high quality publication widely disseminated to the profession, decision-makers and international networks
  • Winners will be announced in front of 700 of the capital’s leading public and private sector professionals and decision-makers across development, design, planning and government at The Guildhall
  • Projects are judged by a prestigious International Jury, advised by London-based experts
  • All shortlisted projects promoted through an active social media campaign as part of the People’s Choice Award during the London Festival of Architecture in June
  • Wide press coverage of winning schemes, inlcuding a piece in the New London Quaterly 
  • Shortlisted and winning projects are included in the NLA’s year-round programme of research and events

What is the judging process? Toggle

Winners are selected by an International Jury, advised by a team of London-based expert assessors, who ensure the projects presented are of the highest quality and meet the judging criteria

What are the judging criteria? Toggle

Across the 15 categories, the jury will be looking for projects that demonstrate:

• high quality design that respects its context and enhances London’s rich mix of old and new;
• a wider contribution to placemaking, improving the social, cultural and economic character of the local area;
• advancing knowledge and skills around the design, delivery, construction and funding of projects for the capital;
• longevity, through efficient use of resources, energy and consideration of long-term use and financial viability.

What makes a good submission? Toggle

A submission should be easily understood and coherently presented. A team of London-based expert assessors and an International Jury will review the submissions to create the shortlist and select the winners, so remember to be clear and concise in the information you provide. 

The key things they will be looking for are:

  • 100-word summary of the project to set out the key information
  • The context of the project – where is it, what are its surroundings like (remember the Jury won’t necessarily know the context)
  • Key features, what makes the project special: i.e. innovative approaches, community consultation results, sustainability, how the design responds to changes to the local context, etc.
  • Easily readable plans and drawings (all in A4)
  • Good quality photographs, and, if relevant, before pictures.

How do I enter a project into the Awards? Toggle

To enter a project you need to download and complete the entry form (live PDF) in full, and return it with all the required materials as a digital and printed submission no later than Thursday 6 April at 5pm.  

At the time of the entry, please send the digital entry form to with the subject title NEW LONDON AWARDS - [Project name] 

The printed copy should be sent to:
Barbara Chesi
The Building Centre
26 Store Street
London WC1E 7BT

The digital copy can be sent via file transfer or included in a USB or CD with your printed submission. 

Full details on what to include in the paper and digital submission can be found at page 6 and 7 of the Submission Guidlines

Why do I need to submit both a printed and digital submission? Toggle

To enter a project you need to provide both a paper entry and a digital entry. Please refer to page 6 and 7 of the Submission Guidelines for full details.

The paper entry will be reviewed during the selection process by Expert Assessors and Jury members, so please make sure it is of the highest quality and present the project at its best. Please ensure all paper copies are submitted as unbound A4 sheet, fixed with bulldog clips.

The digital material will also be reviewed during the selection process, and, if shortlisted, will form the base of the New London Awards publication and exhibition content (curated by the NLA team). If shortlisted, NLA will review and work up the material for display, and so we only require the raw materials. Please make sure the imagery is of the highest quality, suitable for printing in A3 in exhibition panels and a publication. Please also make sure you provide the correct project information (project name, status, address, team credits, etc) as these will also be included in the publication and exhibition.


Can I submit my printed copy in A3? Toggle

Unfortunately not. Please send your printed copy as unbound A4 sheet, fixed with bulldog clips.

Can I submit a video with my submission? Toggle

Unfortunately not. Your submission will be reviewed as paper entry first and we won’t be able to assess video.

How many projects can I submit? Toggle

There is no limit on the number of projects an organisation can submit. However, please make sure you send  each project as a separate submission.

My project fits in more than one category: can I enter it into multiple categories? Toggle

A project may be submitted in multiple categories where relevant, but you need to send separate submissions. If you wish to enter the same project in different categories, complete one entry form for each category and provide the additional materials tailored for each category, explaining how the project fits in that specific category.  

Can I submit an unbuilt project? Toggle

Yes, projects can be at any stage: from design stage to completed. If you submit an ‘unbuilt’ project, this must have a real site, but can be at any stage of design or construction at the time of entry on 6 April 2017. 

Can I re-submit a project submitted in previous year? Toggle

You may be able to re-submit a project submitted in a previous year, as long as the project has completed since 1 April 2015 or is unbuilt, however you must be able to provide new content (i.e. change in design, change in status, change the context, etc).

How do I chose the project name? Toggle

Try to choose a short name that is unique to the project (ie. Building Name or Street Name, rather than ‘School in Brixton’). Choose it carefully, as this will be the name used in all publications, exhibitions and social media references of the project.

Do I need to include the client permission to submit a project? Toggle

Yes, we require written permission from the client for each submission – this can be as simple as a PDF of an email exchange or a copy of a letter. If you are the project submitter and client, you do not need to send written permission.

How do I enter my project for the Mayor’s Prize? Toggle

If you would like to be considered for the Mayor’s Prize, please tick the appropriate box in the entry form. You will need to provide an additional 200-word description illustrating how the project demonstrates ‘good growth’. Please note there is no additional charge to enter.

How do I enter my project for the Ashden Prize? Toggle

If you are would like to be considered for the Ashden Prize, please tick the appropriate box in the entry form. You will need to provide an additional 200-word description illustrating how the project is sustainable in its use of energy; in addition you need to add data on current and projected energy use and any additional information on the use of sustainable energy in the building (up to 2 double-sided A4 pages). Please note there is no additional charge to enter.

How do I pay for my submission? Toggle

Please fill in the payment form in all its part and return it in your paper entry. You can pay with credit card or cheque. If paying with cheque please staple the cheque on the payment form. Cheques should be made payable to “Pipers Project Ltd” for the appropriate entry fee. If submitting multiple entries, these can be paid for in a single payment.

Click here to download the payment form.

Do I need to include credits for the images? Toggle

Yes, you must include the name of the photographer or any other credits in the name of the file for all images, photos or CGIs you provide.

Do I need to submit images with a minimum resolution? Toggle

Imagery must be submitted at a high resolution, sent as individual JPGs and printable at 300dpi. Please make sure each JPG is at least 300dpi (pixel/inch).

Can I follow up with professional photography after the deadline for submissions? Toggle

If the project completed close to the deadline for entries and the project has not yet been professionally photographed, please submit at least 3 amateur photographs of the project for the initial judging process, and follow up with completed images at a later date. Any photographs of the completed project must be sent to Barbara Chesi  at no later than Friday 26 May.

What happens during an expert assessor visit? Toggle

Your project may be visited by an expert assessor to inform the Jury judgment; these visits will happen in the second half of May. For some schemes you may be contacted to grant access to the assessor, but please note that not all the projects will be visited.

What happens after I send my submission? Toggle

Your submission will be processed by the NLA awards team, and you may be contacted should there be any queries regarding your submission. Due to the high volume of entries, you will receive a confirmation of your entry receipt about a week after the submissions deadline. This does not affect a submissions eligibility – any processed after the deadline are still eligible as long as they are delivered to Barbara Chesi prior to Thursday 6 April at 5pm.  

You will be notified if your project has been shortlisted in the week ending 9 June. 

Winners will be announced at the Awards Annual Lunch at the Guildhall Wednesday 5 July.

When and where is the awards ceremony? Toggle

The annual Awards Lunch will be on Wednesday 5 July at the Guildhall.

How can I book a place at the awards ceremony? Toggle

Bookings will open in April 2017. A booking form to attend the Annual Awards Lunch at the Guildhall will be available to download from our website. 

If my project is shortlisted, where will it be displayed? Toggle

Shortlisted and winning projects will be on display in an exhibition at the NLA Galleries in The Building Centre during the months July-September 2017. They will also feature in a high quality publication that will be widely disseminated among NLA members, Built Environment professionals and decision-makers and international delegations throughout the year.  

All shortlisted projects will also go up for the People’s Choice vote in June with extensive social media reach, enabling the general public to vote for their favourite project. 

Winning schemes will also feature in the press and in the New London Quaterly, as well as be celebrated in NLA events throughout the year.

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