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NLA’s annual London Tall Buildings Survey, produced since 2014 in association with GL Hearn, provides the capital’s most comprehensive overview of new buildings over 20 stories planned or under construction in the capital.

Whilst the challenges of accommodating growth are increasing, the future role of tall buildings in accommodating growth within the Green Belt remains a key issue for London. Where should new tall buildings be located, and how do we ensure they contribute positively to the street-level? Does the planning system have the appropriate tools to ensure tall buildings are in the right place, of good quality and provide much needed affordable housing and mix of uses? 

The pioneering role of NLA’s research on tall buildings delivers up-to-date figures and analysis, promotes debate and unfold insights on one of the capital’s most debated topics. Since 2014, NLA has called for the creation of a London-wide digital 3D model, to enable policy-makers and Londoners alike to make informed decisions about the cumulative impact of new development on the capital.

There are opportunities to become either a Champion or Supporter of this programme. To find out more about how you could get involved in the events and output across our platforms please get in touch with the Membership Team via Janette Murphy
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Tall storeys


The NLA has welcomed news that the GLA is looking at creating a virtual three-dimensional London-wide model to inform developers, architects and communities about the tall buildings they can expect to see. And the new London Plan provides a key moment to commission this. But the city stands on the cusp of a ‘paradigm shift’ in how they can contribute to the housing crisis through providing more rented rather than bought apartments.


NLA London Tall Buildings Survey 2017


Each year the NLA London Tall Buildings Survey has generated a healthy debate about the benefits, as well as the negative impacts, of tall buildings. It has given a voice to those that propose them as well as those that are more critical. At NLA we remain of the view that in a growing city, well designed tall buildings in the right place are appropriate, a view reiterated by the Mayor of London at his Question Time on March 23.


Tall Buildings


Following pioneering research conducted by NLA and GL Hearn in 2012, now ongoing, this film illustrates how London's skyline is changing as the capital is developed more densely in order to meets the demands of the growth in population.