New London Model

Saturday 30 May 2015

New London Model


NLA’s 1:2000 scale interactive model of central London is the centrepiece of the NLA galleries and brings the story of London’s historical and physical development to life through a sophisticated projection system integrated with films.

Touchscreens allow buildings and major infrastructure projects to be brought to life across the surface of the model, showing the key areas of change and revealing the sheer scale of proposed development in the capital. Visitors can also call up detailed information and key facts on London’s newest and projects buildings.
Integrated films document the history and development of the capital, the impact of the London Plan, major infrastructure plans, the rise of tall buildings and the ongoing influence of the Great Estates. New films will be commissioned to coincide with NLA’s ongoing programme of Insight Study research pieces.
The films are played every hour on the hour from 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday and can also be viewed here.
For more information on the model click here.

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Following pioneering research conducted by NLA and GL Hearn in 2012, now ongoing, this film illustrates how London's skyline is changing as the capital is developed more densely in order to meets the demands of the growth in population.