Delivering successful estate renewal in London

Tuesday 19 April 2016

NLA Event


Central government has recently announced plans for regenerating housing estates across the UK, and has set up a new Estate Regeneration Advisory Panel, chaired by Lord Heseltine, to tackle failing housing estates.

With housing so high on the political agenda, what are the major issues London faces around estate renewal, and how can central and local government work with partners to tackle them?

This event took place on Friday 8 April 2016

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Estate Renewal in London - Part 2 with Sue Cooper 

Estate Renewal in london - Part 3 with Tricia Patel 

Estate Renewal in London - Part 4 with Helen Fisher 

Estate Renewal in London - Part 5 with the Panel 

Speakers: Toggle

Gerry Hughes, Chief Executive, Bilfinger GVA
Simon Brown, Head of Estate Regeneration, Department for Communities & Local Government
Sue Cooper, Head of Business Development, Catalyst Housing 
Helen Fisher, Programme Director - Tottenham, LB Haringey 
Tricia Patel, Partner, Pollard Thomas Edwards
Lisa Taylor, Director, Future of London
Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA (Chair)

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